Liam Fox O’Brien

Liam Fox O’Brien

Liam Fox O'Brien is a composer and musician based in New York City. His work includes musical scoring for feature films as well as producing original music for various shorts, commercials and branded content.

With a passion for innovation and creative sound design, Liam has a broad musical vocabulary honed through his work on projects of varying scale, as well as his background as a musician and performing artist. He is well regarded by clients and collaborators for his listening and observation skills, technical mastery and creative advice.

Liam’s feature film work includes The Tangle (2017), Among Them (2017) and Soledad (2015), the latter of which was nominated Best Feature Film for 2015 by NewFilmmakers LA. His musical composition has also set the tone for a broad range of creative projects, advertisements and online content. In particular, his distinctive style has seen him earn a strong reputation in the fashion industry, creating layered soundscapes for brands such as Gucci, La Mer, Westfield, Vogue Australia and GQ.

As a composer, Liam utilises a rich palette of custom synthesized sounds and sample-based instruments, as well as guitar and live percussion. He also enjoys composing with traditional sound suites to produce emotive results and support narrative structure.

Liam studied music production at SAE Institute where he was awarded an Ambassador Scholarship. He has also studied Scoring to Picture at The Julliard School (New York). He cites Howard Shore, Jon Brion, Atticus Ross, Johnny Jewel, Alan Vega, Angelo Badalamenti and Cliff Martinez as creative influences.

Beginning as a self-taught guitarist in the Australian punk band The Scare, Liam signed with EMI Publishing at age 18 and toured extensively in the UK and Europe. He collaborated with iconic Australian recording artists Daniel Johns (Silverchair) and Paul Mac (The Dissociatives) on various projects. He later played bass guitar with Australian rock group Faker and performed on the band's final album, recorded by Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies).

His new act, DL, With Love are based in LA and have been performing live alongside acts like James Super Cave and Superbloom since mid 2017. DL, With Love's music can be experienced here -