THE TANGLE is a stylish neo-noir, hard sci-fi feature film. Set in a near future in which the Tangle connects everyone to everything via hard drives in the brain, a group of government agents try to protect humanity from within hidden technology saferooms, rooms the Tangle cannot reach. A murder mystery with the dark, hard-boiled style of a BLADE RUNNER, the rich interweaving of stories of a 12 MONKEYS, and the fully imagined technological future of a MINORITY REPORT. Starring: Nicole Da Siva Joshua Bitton Christopher Soren Kelly Jessica Graham

Directed by Christopher Soren Kelly

Music by Liam Fox O'Brien

‘Dinner Party’ relives an interracial couple’s alien abduction in VR

Directed by Angel M Soto

Music by Liam Fox O'Brien

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Rise of the Green Ranger follows Power Rangers' Tommy Oliver as he struggles in helping his mother to make ends meet. On his path to do so, Tommy faces the darkest day of his life.

Directed by Maneesh Sasikumar 

Music by Liam Fox O'Brien